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Gaza Crisis


Gaza Crisis

28/12/2008   Statement of minister Karel Schwarzenberg on the situation in the Gaza Strip
02/01/2009   The Czech Presidency to Lead the EU Delegation Heading for the Middle East
04/01/2009   EU Presidency Statement Concerning the Launching of Land Operations by the Israeli Forces in the Gaza Strip
01-06/01.2009     EU Delegation in the Middle East
  04/01/2009 Delegation to the Middle East Led by the Czech Presidency Aims to Negotiate on Humanitarian Aid for Inhabitants of the Gaza Strip
  04/01/2009 Press Conference on EU Middle East Mission Led by Karel Schwarzenberg
  06/01/2009 EU troika mission in Israel; heading for Jordan
  06/01/2009 Setkání delegace trojky EU s jordánským králem Abdulláhem II.
  06/01/2009 Press conference after the return of the EU mission to the Middle East (MP3)
07/01/2009   EU Presidency Statement on the current situation in Gaza
09/01/2009   EU Presidency Statement on the Middle East
12/01/2009   Czech Presidency Plans to Hold a Donors' Conference for Gaza
14/01/2009   Speech of Karel Schwarzenberg, session of the Eurpean Parliament, 14.1.2009
15/01/2009   EU Presidency Statement on ongoing attacks in Gaza
18/01/2009   Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg Discusses Gaza in Egypt
18/01/2009   EU Presidency Statement on Israel's Announcement of a Temporary Ceasefire in Gaza
18/01/2009   Topolánek and Schwarzenberg Took Part in Sharm el-Sheikh Summit
19/01/2009   Czech Presidency Calls Two Meetings on Middle East in Brussels
20/01/2009   Czech Experts on Humanitarian and Development Aid Departed for Gaza
21/01/2009   Press Conference: Ministers for Foreign Affairs EU - Israel
25/01/2009   Press Conference: Ministers for Foreign Affairs EU - Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Palestinian Authority

Ikona CZ - EU Presidency Statement
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