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PRT Lógar
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Czechs in Logar finished building an intelligence service, launched new projects


Projects to promote good governance and security are among the priorities of the Czech Provincial Reconstruction Team.

PRT LógarThe project began promoting good governance Czech experts cooperate in building a library and reading room belonging to the courthouse in the center of the province in Pol-e Alam. "Court staff needed a place where they could continue learning. In the new building will be various meetings and training, library and reading room staff will serve justice and the law enforcement officers, "said Zbynek Pavlica, security expert at the civilian part of the PRT.

In the centre of Logar province Czechs finished building an office building for the Afghan intelligence service, the NDS (National Directorate of Security). The two-storey building in Pol-e Alam find the background for his work over 60 employees, who are part of Afghan security forces.

"Previously, NDS staff deployment at several sites in unsuitable conditions, and can hardly communicate with each other. Now I will work more efficiently, "said security expert.

In Logar province the Czechs launched several new security projects. Among them is the reconstruction of the Afghan army base in Altimuru, which serves over 700 soldiers. "We asked the PRT to repair facilities and the construction of the infirmary, because now we have to treat the wounded in tents," said Lieutenant Colonel Torujalaj, commander of the base. The project also includes reconstruction of the dilapidated kitchen and dining room.

Another new project is the construction of the Afghan police checkpoint in the district of Carchi. On it are police officers serving an important bridge in the village and through him Dabare roads, linking Logar had three districts. In addition to the new checkpoint is still a temporary police stations only walled cylinder filled with sand and clay. "The police but they need a brick building with a protective wall to face attacks by insurgents. Carchi is a pretty turbulent district, Afghan police presence there is crucial. And we help them to provide decent conditions for work, "said Pavlica.

Czech Provincial Reconstruction Team has acted in Logar province since March 2008. The civilian part consists of 11 experts from the Foreign Ministry, the military component of the ACR 261. Among the PRTs are functioning in addition to supporting agriculture, security, maintenance of water resources, health, infrastructure and promoting education and independent media. Total Czechs in Logar has completed 122 projects.


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