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Representatives of the Logar provincial government have arrived to Prague


Representatives of the Afghan government in the province of Logar arrived to Prague on Sunday evening, November 14 at the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

Internshipparticipants are officials of the provincial government and other institutions in the province of Logar, in particular. The Czech Republic have been visited for example by directors of local branches of the ministries of agriculture, culture and aquatic resources. Prague was visited by the director of the prison service, the Chief Prosecutor and the Mayor of Pol-e-Alam, the largest city in the province.

The project is aimed on development of good government and efficient public administration at the provincial level, while strengthening relations between the Czech Republic and Logar. Afghan guests will visit a number of government institutions, schools, hospitals, agricultural companies and media. Most of the internships will take place in the Pilsen Region. "The provincial government in Logar province faces a wide range of issues. One of them is a lack of inspiration and possibilities for further education of officials. We want our colleagues from Logar show how Czech government, and in smaller regional and district level, "says a former member of the civilian part of the PRT and the project co-organizer Frank Cross.

The group of the Logar officials reflects the priorities of the Czech PRT program, which pays in the province. In addition to promoting good governance they are agriculture, water resources, reconstruction and strengthening security, in particular. "In the province, agriculture is the main form of livelihood, The Czech reconstruction team builds a new agricultural secondary school there. In addition to various forest and processing plants, we take our guests into an agricultural school in Susice, "said Paul Burian of the Czech Agricultural University.

Among the internship participants were included representatives of local units of the Afghan National Police commander of the Afghan National Army and representatives of the judiciary. "I'm very curious to see how similar institutions work in the Czech Republic. We meet our counterparts, we see the operation of individual departments, gain new experiences. What we deliver, we try to apply in Logar province, "sums up his expectations for the week-long stay in Europe, the provincial prosecutor Abdul Quayom. "One of our goals is to deepen the relations with the Czech Republic. We appreciate the cooperation with Czechs, because it involved the development of our country. Now we finally see their country and we also get the much needed experience. It's still a lot of things that we need to learn, "adds Zabibulláh Fayáz, director of Logar branch of the Ministry of Economy. Among the agenda items were also included visits to the Czech Radio and to Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty in Prague.

Cooperation with local government and increaseits capacity is an integral part of development strategy for PRT in Logar. All the reconstruction and development projects with representatives of various ministries are carefully consulted, based on their priorities. Since the beginning of PRT in Logar work there were 131 projects completed, of which 51 projects of rapid impact. PRT consists of 11 civilian experts and 261 soldiers of the Army of the Czech Republic.