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MInistr Karel Schwarzenberg a ministr zahraničí Nového Zélandu Hon Murray MyCully
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Signing a Protocol to the Agreement on Working Holiday Scheme between the Czech Republic and New Zealand


First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic Karel Schwarzenberg met Minister of Foreign Affairs of New Zealand Hon Murray MyCully at the Czernin Palace on November 25, 2010.

Karel Schwarzenberg a Hon Murray MyCullyKarel Schwarzenberg expressed sadness of the tragic events in the Pike River mine and condolences to the surviving families of the miners. During the meeting the two ministers signed the Protocol to the Agreement on a Working Holiday Scheme between the Governments of the Czech Republic and New Zealand.

Regarding the increasing number of Czech citizens in New Zealand, the Czech Republic has an interest in the Agreement on Social Security in New Zealand. Minister Schwarzenberg mentioned cooperation in recognition of Czech citizens employed temporarily or permanently in New Zealand. Karel Schwarzenberg would also welcome the recognition of the Czech driving license in New Zealand, as well as with other EU countries.

Protocol amending that Agreement, signed at Prague on October 11, 2004. The agreement allows young people from both countries to make medium-term residence registration in the other Contracting Party (including the possibility of completing a short training program) and during the stay to exercise the occupation and get the funds to cover the cost of subsistence. New Zealand is a very attractive country for tourists and the options that agreement offers are abundantly used by the Czech youth.

Currently, the annual quota for 1200 people applying. 500 - 1200 citizens of the Czech Republic request working holiday visa every year. The visa is granted for a period of one year. Czech citizens may submit applications via internet, New Zealand citizens may submit them at selected embassies of the Czech Republic.

The Protocol aims at simplifying the existing conditions of stay, possible to extend the period of study and employment in the other Contracting Party, and better regulate the conditions for obtaining a visa under this Agreement.

The protocol extends the maximum age for applicants filing for a visa from thirty to thirty five years, removing restrictions on the maximum period for which it is possible to work with one employer and allows the performance of work for one employer for the entire year stay (but it still applies a prohibition of permanent employment ). There is also potential to extend the period of study from three to six months and the lifting of restrictions under which the participant may enroll in up to one training or study course. The protocol removes the requirement of permanent residence in the territory of which the applicant is a citizen, sufficient conditions of the Czech Republic, respectively. New Zealand.