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Ministr zahraničních věcí Lubomír Zaorálek
Photo: © Markéta Trnková (MZV/MFA)
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There has been no leak of classifed information, minister Zaorálek says


Due to recent cyber attacks, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic Lubomír Zaorálek called a meeting with heads of the Czech National Security Authority (NSA), Czech National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and security services in Czernin Palace on February 2, 2017. At the follow-up press conference he reconfirmed that the MFA Internal Communication System for classified and strategic information wasn’t breached and defined himself against speculations of some media.

Minister Zaorálek emphasized the difference between classified information and sensitive information: "Classified information can harm people or institutions they refer to and threaten national security. However, sensitive information doesn’t threaten national security. I insist on my original communication, i. e. the MFA Internal System where classified and strategic information is treated wasn’t hacked," the head of Czech diplomacy said.

The information stated in media regarding the extent and duration of attacks is a speculation that can’t be defended, according to minister Zaorálek. The issue is being investigated and no exact data can be provided. "He who presents such information presented false information and has no proven base," minister said.

Minister Zaorálek repeated that the Czech NSA together with the Czech NCSC prepared a report on the detected cyber attack which would be showed at the Czech Government meeting on Wednesday February 8, 2017. He added that Czech Republic was in touch with foreign partners concerning the situation.

"In Czech Republic we have to talk more about how to get enough experts in order to be better protected against similarly sophisticated attacks. I wish we had more experts and it concerns the entire government, not only the MFA," minister Zaorálek said.