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OSN jednala o stavu lidských práv v ČR
Photo: © MZV/MFA
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UN Discussed Human Rights Situation in the Czech Republic


On November 6, 2017, the Czech Republic took part in its third Universal Periodic Review in the United Nations Office in Geneva.

In a State-driven dialogue on human rights situation in the Czech Republic, 81 participating States presented around 200 recommendations. Most recommendations dealt with issues such as elimination of discrimination, Roma integration, inclusive education, elimination of hate speech including xenophobia and islamophobia among the general public as well as in statements of politicians, hate crime, gender equality, past unlawful sterilizations or conditions in prisons. Further recommendations called for the establishment of a national human rights institution in compliance with the Paris principles, argued against placement of children below the age of three years in institutional care and against corporal punishment of children.

Universal Periodic Review is a mechanism under the auspices of the Human Rights Council based on international dialogue on human rights situation in all UN Member States. States address each other recommendations for improvement of human rights situation in their countries. The Czech Republic’s review took place for the first time in 2008, for the second time in 2012.

The Czech Republic is a long-term supporter of this mechanism and participates actively in reviews of other States offering them recommendations for improvement of their human rights situations. For its own review, the Czech Republic submitted to the UN its national report focusing on implementation of recommendations received in previous cycle of the mechanism. Besides this report, UN prepared a compilation of information from the UN system and civil society organizations. Deputy Minister for Human Rights, Ms. Martina Štěpánková led the delegation of the Czech Republic to the review. Besides the Governmental Office for Human Rights, experts from ministries of health, labour and social affairs, education, youth and sports, interior, justice and foreign affairs participated in the review.

Closing the review, the head of the delegation, Deputy Minister for Human Rights, Equal Opportunities and Legislation, Ms. Martina Štěpánková stated: “Today’s dialogue is just a beginning. We are taking with us home all the recommendations. We will consider them carefully and submit them to the Government. We pledge to implement recommendations agreed to by the Government with maximum effort.”

Based on the decision of the Government, the Czech Republic will submit its position on the recommendations in time before the March 2018 Human Rights Council Session.