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náměstek Šrámek s izraelskou náměstkyní Chotovely
Photo: MZV ČR
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Interministerial Consultations with Israel


On April 24 and 25 the political consultations between the Czech Republic and the State of Israel on the level of deputy ministers of foreign affairs took place in Prague. Deputy Ministers Martin Tlapa and Ivo Šrámek held regular political consultation with their Israeli partner Tzipi Hotovely.

Regular interministerial political consultation between the Czech Republic and the State of Israel were held at the Czech Foreign Ministry in April 24 - 25, 2018.  Both sides confirmed strategic Czech-Israeli Partnership that is reflected in intensive bilateral cooperation. It will be projected in the upcoming intergovernmental consultation that will take place in Prague this year. Both sides are preparing key projects for this event. Partners also discussed Israeli-Palestinian relations and current political and security issues in the Middle East region.

Partners expressed their satisfaction on growing trend in the trade and economy; the volume of trade has reached 1,3 mld USD last year. Israel was the fifth largest non-European market. Škoda cars are on the top of the Czech export list and they are even used by the Israeli ministers.

Intensive cooperation is visible in the field of science, basic and applied research as well as in the start-ups. During last year Czech Academy of Science in cooperation with Israeli Universities and various research institutions organized over 100 projects of short-term mobility. More then 150 Czech and Israeli scientists met in different seminars, workshops and conferences. Similar 30 to 40 projects are planned for this year.

Czech Academy of Science and the prestigious Weitzmann Institute of Science are providing unique scholarship for the Czech talented scientists in the postdoc programme since last year. This scholarship enable to the Czech scientists to spend 2 to 3 years among researches of the Weitznamnn Institute of Science. First Czech scientists joined this program last November.

This year we commemorate 70 years of the Czechoslovak support to the young State of Israel and celebrate 100 years of the common independent state – Czechoslovak Republic. Cultural events commemorating these anniversaries are currently running in the Czech Republic as well as in Israel.  At the beginning of July the Speaker of the Senate of the Czech Republic Milan Štěch, along with the Speaker of the Slovak National Council, will meet the Speaker of the Knesset Mr. Edelstein. They will altogether commemorate centennial anniversary of birth of an independent Czechoslovak State as well as 70th anniversary of establishing State of Israel.

Deputy Minister Tlapa with his Israeli partner Tzipi Hotovely

Deputy Minister Tlapa with his Israeli partner Tzipi Hotovely