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Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs concerning the developments in Libya


The Czech Republic welcomes the success achieved by the Libyan National Transitional Council that has seized the city of Sirte, breaking the last wave of resistance from forces loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. We hope that by the death of Muammar Gaddafi the bloodshed in Libya is now finally coming to an end and that the country, severely tried by decades of his rule, will now embark on the path of new peaceful development.

The Czech Republic believes that the new Libyan representation will now set in motion the vital political, economic and social reforms ushering in the rule of law and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms after decades of oppression and denied freedom.  

The Czech Republic reaffirms its readiness to cooperate with Libyan representatives in promoting reforms in Libya through bilateral projects as well as through participation in the planned EU and UN projects. Above all, the Czech Republic is ready to share its experience gained during its own transition process following 1989.