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Černínský palác ze zahrady
Photo: Antonín Nádvorník (©MZV)
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Statement of the MFA on the Conditions of Migrants and Refugees in the Czech Republic


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs closely follows comments voiced by foreign partners including the United Nations, the Council of Europe or NGOs regarding the situation in the Czech Republic. At the same time, the Czech Foreign Minister is ready to establish an open dialogue on the issue.

In the light of the above, the Minister informed the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights that the Czech side is ready to welcome the Commissioner in the Czech Republic to discuss the human rights issues in detail inviting the Commissioner to learn more about the present situation by inspecting detention facilities on the ground.

The Czech Republic is fully aware of the need to provide dignified conditions of housing in the detention centres in line with the international human rights standards. The Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports the Czech Ministry of Interior in improving the quality of work in the detention centres. The Foreign Minister therefore rejects the claim saying that the Czech Government intentionally and systematically violates the human rights of migrants or anybody else.

The Czech Republic financially and materially participates in alleviating an acute humanitarian crisis related to an unparallel migration wave. It has been among the first member states to respond to calls for help from countries along the so-called Western Balkans migratory route. Just over the past two days, the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic in cooperation with the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs dispatched three convoys of humanitarian aid to Slovenia, FYROM and Croatia. The assistance includes relief material supplies for the migrants to reduce the continuously worsening humanitarian situation in nodal transit points. We believe that the United Nations will also actively join to help improve the escalating situation in many European countries.