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Černínský palác na podzim
Photo: Markéta Trnková (©MZV)
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The Czech Republic Still Considers Catalonia as an Integral Part of the Spanish Kingdom


Today the Parliament of Catalan Autonomous Community in its session passed the Independence of Catalonia.

The Czech Republic unequivocally supports a respect of the Constitution as a basic Law of any Democratic State, which guarantees Rights and Freedoms to all its citizens. Declaration of Catalan Independence, and Declaration of the preceding Referendum, was in a clear contradiction with the Spanish Constitution. Due to that the Czech Republic cannot give to the Declaration of Independence of so called Catalan Republic any relevance of the International Law and therefore still considers Catalonia as an integral part of the Spanish Kingdom.

The Czech Republic is convinced that the internal political crisis in Spain must be solved only by legal steps and by a dialogue within the Spanish Constitutional System.