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Černínský palác na podzim
Photo: Markéta Trnková (©MZV)
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Statement of the MFA of the Czech Republic on Opening of its Honorary Consulate and Czech Centre in Jerusalem


Last year, the Czech Republic has already expressed its position on Jerusalem as capital of the State of Israel, in its 1967 borders.

It thus only acknowledged what is standard practice by other States when making their official visits to Israel. According to usual diplomatic practice, States have their embassies in the capitals of the receiving States. This is why the Czech Republic has decided, as a first step, to open an honorary consulate in (led by Honorary Consul Mr. Dan Propper) in May and a new Czech Centre by the end of this year, both in West Jerusalem. Our presence in Jerusalem should enhance our mutual cooperation in many fields.

This step in no way prejudges the final agreement concerning Jerusalem, the same way as it is not being prejudged by diplomatic representations of several European countries that are seated in East Jerusalem. The Czech Republic fully respects common policy of the European Union, which considers Jerusalem as the future capital of both the State of Israel and the future State of Palestine. 

The Czech Republic and the State of Israel share a long history of friendly relations. Their foundations were laid by the first president of Czechoslovakia T. G. Masaryk who devoted part of his work to Jewish affairs and who was a long-standing advocate of the creation of a Jewish State. Czechoslovakia eventually assisted at its birth and supported it politically and militarily. Czechoslovakia was also one of the first countries to recognize it officially. These relations found their expression in establishing a Consulate General in Jerusalem as early as the 1920s.

The Czech Republic will go on striving for Jerusalem to remain an open city where people of different faiths can practice their beliefs freely. To make the city of Jerusalem a place of tolerance and understanding remains our ultimate goal.