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Černínský palác na podzim
Photo: Markéta Trnková (©MZV)
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To the Diplomatic Missions based in the Czech Republic: COVID-19 Travel Information


The ban on entry into the Czech Republic applies to all foreigners, except to those who have permanent residence in the Czech Republic or more than 90 days temporary residence and persons whose entry into the Czech territory is in the Czech Republic's interest.

After midnight on Sunday the travel restrictions were extended. Further details, including exceptions (such as for lorry drivers, crossborder workers, accredited diplomats) are available here:

Foreigners, who were legally on the Czech territory at the moment of the declaration of the state of emergency, may continue to remain for the duration of the state of emergency without any need to resolve their residency status issues. In case of short term visa, they are prolonged automatically without necessary to contact our authorities, in case of long term visa/residence permit over 90 days, the prolongation requests should be done by post or electronically, but not personally at our offices. More information here:

Opening hours of the immigration offices (Department for Asylum and Migration Policy/odbor azylové a migrační politiky) have been limited to Monday and Wednesday (9-12 AM). Only limited tasks and only after arranging an appointment are currently done at our branch offices. More information here:

Information hotlines for foreigners are operating every working day between 8 AM – 4 PM (+420 974 815 394, +420 974 815 395, +420 974 815 396 or More information here:

For further communication on travel information we would like to ask you to nominate a contact point. In case of any questions you can contact Ms. Zdena Chaloupkova ( or +420 733 676 897).

Travel information – COVID-19 (applied from 16 March 2020 0:00 AM)

Travel information – COVID-19 (applied from 16 March 2020 0:00 AM)