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MZV Černínský palác
Photo: © MZV ČR/MFA CZ
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Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs summons Russian ambassador regarding the situation in Eastern Europe


Today, the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Russian Ambassador to convey to the Russian Federation that the Czech Republic fundamentally opposed the recognition of the so-called people’s republics in Eastern Ukraine.

Deputy Minister Martin Smolek told the Russian Ambassador that this action had no international legal effects and that the two territories remained as integral parts of Ukraine. At the same time, the Russian Federation's move violated several fundamental principles of international law and a number of other international obligations.

Russia was called upon to de-escalate its aggression in Eastern Ukraine and to return to the negotiation table. If Russia intended to continue its aggression against Ukraine, the Czech Republic was ready, in coordination with its EU partners, to adopt further far-reaching political and economic sanctions against the Russian Federation.