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Minister Lipavský and German Minister Baerbock signed a continuation of the Strategic Dialogue
Photo: © MZV ČR / MFA CZ
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Minister Lipavský and German Minister Baerbock signed a continuation of the Strategic Dialogue


Minister of Foreign Affairs Jan Lipavský and the Head of German Diplomacy Annalena Baerbock signed a Czech-German Strategic Dialogue for 2022 to 2024 on Tuesday, July 26, 2022. It focuses on common goals between Czechia and Germany in the areas of security, energy, transportation, climate, health, education, culture, and science and research. The discussion was also on supporting Ukraine, and the Head of German Diplomacy paid her respects to the victims of the 1942 Lidice burning at the memorial.

“The current crisis in Ukraine shows us the importance of friendly and reliable neighbor relations. At the start of this year, we remembered the 25th year since the signing of the Czech-German declaration on mutual relations and their future development. Since this time, Germans and Czechs showed they can assume responsibilities for further development not only in mutual relations but also in European integration and in handling complex situations,” said Minister Lipavský.

The ministers’ discussion continued on further developments of bilateral relations in the Strategic Dialogue that reflect the priorities of the Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU. It focuses on searching for pan-European answers to current challenges, whether common defense, energy, or climate change, but also cross border infrastructure (e.g., health).

Besides the current situation in Ukraine, other main topics included: Western Balkan relations and EU accession, cooperation with Moldova, and further development of relations in the Indo-Pacific.

Both ministers agreed that Czechia and Germany support a similar position against Russian aggression and will continue to closely cooperate when offering material, military, and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. “We agreed on more material, military, and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. We also spoke on the need for an immediate shipment of modern weapons that would help Ukraine defend against cowardly Russian attacks,” said the Czech Head of Diplomacy.  In light of the current situation in Europe, both countries will continue in intense cooperation in the area of defense and mutual support in obtaining energy security.

After the discussion, the ministers visited the town Lidice together, where they paid their respects at the memorial to the victims of the scorched village in 1942. They personally met with survivors of the tragedy. “Historical experience from Lidice shows us today that appeasement never works with an aggressor,” said Minister Lipavský.