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Minister Lipavský met with Antony J. Blinken in Washington D.C. — about defense, Ukraine and the Indo-Pacific
Photo: © MZV ČR / MFA CZ
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Minister Lipavský met with Antony J. Blinken in Washington D.C. — about defense, Ukraine and the Indo-Pacific


On May 2, 2023, Minister Lipavský met with United States Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken in Washington D.C. Both representatives agreed that relations between Czechia and the United States have never been stronger. He also sees potential for strengthening bilateral relations in the continuation of support for Ukraine defending against the Russian aggression, in the field of energy security, position towards China, Taiwan and the Indo-Pacific. A Joint Statement on Media Freedom was published on the occasion of the meeting.

During his visit to Washington D.C., Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs Jan Lipavský met with his American counterpart Antony J. Blinken. One of the main topics of the meeting was the war in Ukraine. Both ministers agreed that they must not give in to Russia at any cost and that the West must continue to support Ukraine. Minister Lipavský praised the United States for its significant financial support to Ukraine, including military aid. Czechia is also one of the largest providers of aid to Ukraine. In addition to the supply of military equipment, Czechia offers assistance in key areas such as healthcare, energy, transport, water treatment and structural solutions.

Czechia and the United States agree on the need to hold Russia accountable for its aggression in Ukraine. Minister Lipavský presented the Czech position on the establishment of a special tribunal for the crime of aggression in Ukraine.

"Tony Blinken thanked us several times for the help we provide to Ukraine. We areed that Russian imperial appetites need to be stopped as quickly as possible so that territorial integrity and sovereignty is restored," said Minister Lipavský.

The ministers further discussed the possibilities of strengthening energy security and reducing dependence on Russian energy sources, including the need to increase the share of renewable energies in the overall energy mix. The head of Czech diplomacy discussed the possibilities for cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region with his American counterpart. "For both our countries, this is one of the foreign policy priorities. Our goal is to coordinate our approach in this region and build on the already existing cooperation with democratic partners there, including Taiwan," emphasized Lipavský.

During the meeting, the ministers recalled that mutual relations are based on shared values. Our common priority is the support of democracy and the protection of human rights. The Joint Declaration on Media Freedom affirms a shared commitment to actively promote media freedom globally in cooperation with partners and allies. Freedom of speech and independent media are the cornerstones of democracy. "The support of independent media, which was promoted by Václav Havel, is our long-term priority," said Minister Lipavský.

The ministerial meeting is followed by a regular Czech-American strategic dialogue, an expert meeting between the two Ministries of Foreign Affairs.


Minister Lipavský met with Antony J. Blinken in Washington D.C. — about defense, Ukraine and the Indo-Pacific