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Minister Lipavský’s visit to the United States: “Czech-American relations were never so strong and intense as today”
Photo: MZV ČR / MFA CZ
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Minister Lipavský’s visit to the United States: “Czech-American relations were never so strong and intense as today”


Minister of Foreign Affairs Jan Lipavský visited the United States of America from the 1st to 4th of May, 2023.  In the discussions with the head of American diplomacy, Antony Blinken, the ministers confirmed their determination to continue supporting Ukraine. Together, the Ministers presented the Joint Statement on Media Freedom. During the meeting in Washington, Minister Lipavský launched the 11th round of the Strategic Dialogue with Under Secretary Nuland. An important part of the visit was the signing of the Artemis Accords, created for the purpose of cooperation in exploring the Moon, Mars, and other cosmic bodies.

The topic of Ukraine dominated the meeting of the American and Czech ministers; they confirmed their commitment to continue supporting Ukraine in humanitarian and military areas, as well as in the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine. Minister Lipavský stressed that it is necessary to further isolate Russia on the international scene and roll back Russia's harmful activities in third countries. “Tony Blinken thanked us multiple times for the help we have offered Ukraine. We are united in the view that Russian imperial desires need to be curbed as soon as possible and ensure that territorial integrity and sovereignty will be restored,” said Minister Lipavský. They also discussed the possibility of security cooperation, energy security, and opportunities for cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region (more at Minister Lipavský and Antony J. Blinken negotiated in Washington D.C. on defense, Ukraine, and the Indo-Pacific | Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic (

Along with the meeting with his American counterpart, Minister Lipavský launched the Strategic Dialogue on Tuesday, May 2nd, which was high-level expert consultations between the Foreign Ministries. The outcomes of the Strategic Dialogue were presented in a joint statement. (Joint Statement on the Strategic Dialogue between the United States and the Czech Republic).

At NASA's Washington headquarters, Minister Lipavsky signed the Artemis Accords on Wednesday, May 3rd in the presence of head of NASA Bill Nelson. By signing the Accords, the Czech Republic demonstrates its commitment to peaceful and responsible space exploration and also strengthens its cooperation with the United States and other close partners in space research missions. “The Czech space ecosystem has something to offer. We believe that the signing will jump-start developments in institutional and industrial cooperation in the Artemis community and directly between Czechia and the United States in the area of cosmic activities, including cooperation that will possibly lead to flights into outer space,” shared the head of Czech diplomacy.

The legacy of Václav Havel and the support of human rights and democracy is a priority of Minister Lipavský. That is why he also discussed with Amanda Bennett, CEO of the US Agency for Global Media. Together they discussed support for independent media, and the minister confirmed the Czech commitment to advocate for the observance of basic human rights, including freedom of speech. Minister Lipavský also met with the chairmen of political party institutes—the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and the International Republican Institute (IRI). During the meeting with Derek Mitchell, the chairman of the NDI, there was also a mention of Madeleine Albright, a native of the Czech Republic, who was closely associated with the institute.

Additionally, Minister participated in an expert panel discussion with delegates from the influential think tank Atlantic Council (The Atlantic Council of the United States or ACUS), and they joined a public discussion at the Hudson Institute (the entire speech can be found at At the Select USA matchmaking event, he met representatives of Czech companies. He was interested in the possibility of improving support for exports and foreign investments from the side of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Minister Lipavský’s visit to the United States: “Czech-American relations were never so strong and intense as today”