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Rada Evropy
Photo: MZV
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Deputy Minister Grmelová attended "Environmental Protection and Human Rights" conference


On 27th February 2020, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic Anita Grmelová attended in Strasbourg a high-level conference on the theme "Environmental Protection and Human Rights". In her speech, she underlined that one of the thematic priorities of the Czech Human rights and transition promotion policy concept is promoting human rights in the environmental context, which is reflected, for example, in various supported projects in Eastern Ukraine, Armenia or Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The conference is organized under the aegis of the Georgian Presidency of the Council of Europe. The chosen theme linking human rights with environmental protection is one of Georgian's presidency key priority. Although the European Convention on Human Rights does not mention the environment, the European Court of Human Rights has already interpreted some of the provisions of the Convention in the context of environment. The exercise of certain Convention rights, for example the right to life or to respect for private and family life, may be undermined by pollution. In this regard, Deputy Minister Grmelová recalled, that without the freedom of expression, association or assembly, it is difficult for wider public to demand environmentally friendly policies. Incidentally, the first local protests against the communist rule in the Czechoslovakia were conducted precisely because of excessive pollution of the environment.