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75. výročí OSN – Globální rozprava o úloze mezinárodní spolupráce
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Declaration of the MFA on the 75th Anniversary of the Signing of the UN Charter (26 June 1945)


June 26 marks the 75th anniversary of the signing of the United Nations Charter. The Charter was signed at a founding conference in San Francisco on June 26 1945 by 50 countries including the former Czechoslovakia. The Charter was the outcome of negotiations marked by the destruction and horrors of the then just finished World War II and the failure of multilateral diplomacy. The Charter has become not only the founding treaty of the United Nations (UN), but also the cornerstone of international law.

Sometimes called the “world constitution”, the Charter has a special place in international law due to its Article 103 that gives precedence to obligations arising from the Charter over those from other international agreements. Adherence of all States to the UN Charter is a prerequisite of the rules-based international order.

The Czech Republic, one of the two successor States of Czechoslovakia, is proud to be one of the founding Member States of the UN, especially since Czechoslovakia was one of the first victims of Nazism on its way toward World War II.

The UN of today is in many respects not the same as the visionary, young organization of 75 years ago. It has had to adapt to the course of history, to the increase of its members to today’s 193 countries, as well as to new challenges that the international community has had to face in the course of the last 75 years. What hasn’t changed, however, is the incontestable legacy of the Charter and its values that it anchors in the international rules-based order: peaceful resolution of conflicts, respect of territorial integrity and political independence of Member States, as well as respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Even though today’s world is ever more connected, paradoxically multilateral cooperation and the values engrained in the Charter are in danger. The Czech Republic continues to uphold multilateralism as the most effective means to tackle current global challenges, such as climate change, pandemics, cybersecurity, terrorism or the prevention of extreme poverty. Within the EU or the UN the Czech Republic works actively towards strengthening of multilateral cooperation. In the context of the current Covid-19 pandemic, the Czech Republic has joined in the UN Secretary General’s appeal for a global ceasefire and for adherence to international law. The pandemic should be used as an opportunity for strengthening multilateral cooperation, better implementation of the Agenda 2030 and for recovery of affected countries and communities in line with the sustainable development principles for all.

On June 26 2020 the UN organized a virtual ceremony to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the signing of the UN Charter. The Czech Republic participated at the event in the form of a short video statement read by Deputy Minister Martin Povejšil: