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Černínský palác - Giving Tuesday
Photo: © M. Trnková, MZV ČR
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Statement of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the second anniversary of presidential elections in Belarus


Today, we remember the second anniversary of the fraudulent presidential elections in Belarus. The results have not been recognized by Czechia or the EU. The elections started a wave of spontaneous, nonviolent protests, which quickly engulfed the whole territory of Belarus, but they were brutally suppressed by the Lukashenko regime.

Since then, the crackdowns on representatives of political opposition, human rights defenders, lawyers, trade union members, and independent journalists and media have not only continued but became significantly more frequent. The number of political prisoners now exceeds 1,250 people, meaning it has practically doubled since last year.

The living conditions for political prisoners and how they are subject to interrogations often defy basic principles of the international standards. As a result, ordinary citizens of Belarus are becoming victims of judicial abuse, ending up with heavy prison sentences due to fabricated trials. In contrast, the real perpetrators of violence and those who violate the country's laws on a day-to-day basis remain unpunished. Moreover, new legislation allows Belarusian authorities to label any expression of free will as “terrorism” ― a criminal offence punishable by death. Such practices, which we experienced in our history, have no place in today’s Europe.

In February this year, the Lukashenko regime became an accomplice to Russian aggression against Ukraine when they allowed their territory to be used as a beachhead for invasion. Furthermore, they used the territory of Belarus for staging an artificial migrant crisis at the EU borders, exploiting many people from the Middle East and Africa for their own purposes. Altogether, Lukashenko further contributed to the deterioration of Belarus on the international stage.

Czechia is proud to provide help to all who strive for a stable, independent, and democratic Belarus and will continue to do so in the future. Czechia strongly supports the restrictive measures the European Council adopted targeting Belarusian officials. It punishes individuals responsible for violence, repressions, and coercion against Belarusian citizens and for their active involvement in the ongoing Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Czechia reiterates its appeal to the Belarusian authorities to release and rehabilitate all the political prisoners, end repression, and initiate dialog with their own citizens. Belarusian people desire respect for the laws of the country, respect for fundamental civil rights and freedoms, and fair elections that follow Belarus’ international obligations. Free elections can justly decide the future of the country.