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Statement of the MFA on the Presidential Elections in the USA
Photo: Pixabay
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Statement of the MFA on the Presidential Elections in the USA


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic congratulates the United States on the successful completion of the 2020 elections and welcomes the 46th President of the United States Joseph R. Biden Jr., new US senators and representatives elected in an election with a historic record participation of US citizens.

The Ministry looks forward to further developing a strategic relationship between the Czech Republic and the United States with new US leadership on bilateral, transatlantic and multilateral levels. The United States continues to be a close friend, irreplaceable ally and strategic partner of the Czech Republic. Both countries proudly share basic democratic values and principles, respect for freedom, dignity and human rights.

Bilaterally and in NATO, the Czech Republic and the United States remain committed to preserving international peace and security to the benefit of its citizens, allies and all responsible actors in the international arena. Both countries closely cooperate in stabilizing post-conflict Iraq, work together in Syria, fight against international terrorism in Afghanistan, and most recently in African Sahel, and counter adversaries of peace, freedom and democracy in other important domains, including cyber space.

We also cooperate in the field of telecommunication security, namely 5G networks. Czech and US armed forces have developed an even stronger relationship by jointly training, deploying together in conflict zones and maintaining partnerships, including with the Texas and Nebraska National Guards. The Czech Republic and the United States share concerns over human rights violations and disrespect for democratic rights by authoritarian regimes and support independent media and journalists targeted by state-sanctioned repression. The global challenges of climate change and sustainable development offer further opportunities for cooperation between our countries as well as between the USA and the EU . 

People of both nations suffer from the unexpected pandemic of the novel coronavirus and serious impacts of COVID-19 and work together to protect the health of its citizens and preserve the economic prosperity of both countries. The United States is the most important trade partner of the Czech Republic outside the boundaries of the European Union, and mutual trade volume has increased to the highest levels ever in recent years. Free and uninterrupted trade and travel are basic preconditions for post-COVID economic reconstruction. The Czech Republic strongly believes that the new US Administration will carry on with mutually beneficial dialogue with the European Union on trade and will collaborate with European allies in other areas of mutual concern.

We also hope that the United States will join the European Union and other international partners in the effort to protect the global climate. On a bilateral level, the Czech Republic will continue supporting Czech-US R&D projects, deepening cooperation between universities, research institutes and companies, academic and youth exchange and creating a favorable environment for US investors and entrepreneurs in the Czech Republic. Energy security and cooperation in the field of civil nuclear energy is among other important areas of mutual bilateral interest.