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The Czech Foreign Affairs´ Secretary of State Miloslav Stašek in Mauritania and Gabon: potential of cooperation in Industry and Health
Photo: © MZV ČR / MFA CZ
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The Czech Foreign Affairs´ Secretary of State Miloslav Stašek in Mauritania and Gabon: potential of cooperation in Industry and Health


The State Secretary visited Mauretania and Gabon 19 – 25 June 2022, meeting, in both countries, ministers of key resorts. The visit was held in the context of the Russian aggression on Ukraine, and security engagement of the Czech Republic in the Sahel region as well as the upcoming Czech Presidency in the Council of the European Union. Talks reflected the current debate on the raw material needs of the Czech Republic and the long-term diversification and infrastructure modernization efforts by the partner countries. Czech products and technologies enjoy a good reputation in both countries. The meetings confirmed bilateral interest in increased cooperation as well as a substantial common understanding on several foreign policy processes.

During the working visit to Mauretania, the State Secretary met with his counterpart, the State Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Mauritanians abroad, El Alya/ou Yahya Menkoussa; the State Secretary of the Ministry of Oil,  Extraction and Energy Ahmed Salem Bouhedda, and the Minister of Defense Hanena Oul Sidi, the Minister of Finance Mohamed Lemine Ould Dhehbi and the Minister of Commerce, Industry, Handicrafts and Tourism Lemrabott Ould Bennahi.

Mauritania welcomed the Czech security activities in Sahel, appreciated economic projects proposed, concentrating esp. in the sector of Extraction and in Industrial Solar Energy and Water Production. To further the relationship, it suggested concluding a Memorandum of Understanding between the two Ministries of Foreign Affairs.

In Gabon, the State Secretary was received by the Prime Minister, Rose Christiane Ossouka Raponda, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Michel Moussa Adamo. Consultations were held with the Deputy Foreign Minister Yolande Nyonda and the Foreign Ministry State Secretary Ginette Edzang; the Minister of Gas and Oil Vincent de Paul Massassa, the Minister of Extraction Elvis Ossindji Binou, the  Minister of Tourism Jean-Norbert Diramba, the Minister of Health and Social Affairs Guy Patrick Obiang Ndong, the Deputy Minister of Water Resources, Forests, Sea and Environment Michel Stephan Bounda, the deputy Minister of Commerce, Small and Medium Enterprises and Industry Michel Antseleve, representatives of the Special Economic Zone of Nkok, the chairman of the National Agency for Investment Aimé-Popa N’tzoutsi Mouyami, the President of the Chamber of Commerce Danielle Bivaou, the State Minister of Industry Pacôme Moubelet-Boubeya, the General Manager of the Energy in the Energy and Water Resources Ministry Aristide Ngari, the President of the Supreme Court Marie-Madeleine Mborantsuo and the National Parks Agency´ Executive Secretary Christian Tchemambela.

Gabon, a highly urbanized, medium developed economy, with a large territory and an extraordinary natural and mineral resources as well as exquisite tourist destination expressed interest in deepening cooperation with Czechia in security, Extraction of minerals and Health. Student and Experts exchanges, esp. in the transplantations area, Research and Development in tropical diseases and new medicaments as well as eventual construction of a common Czechia-Gabon Hospital were debated.

In the delegation of the State Secretary, several Czech firms representatives were present (VAE Control Systems, Co-decision, RMR STAV KONT, TRANSCON), all of which benefitted, at the margins, either by directly signing legal cooperation treaties or started negotiating concrete proposals with their counterpart.



The Czech Foreign Affairs´ Secretary of State Miloslav Stašek in Mauritania and Gabon: potential of cooperation in Industry and Health