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State of Emergency in the Czech Republic

State of emergency for thirty days has been declared in the Czech Republic on 12 March 2020. A series of measures in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic has been adopted subsequently, including restrictions of the free movement and entry to the country, suspension of the issuing of visa, closure of shops, restaurants, schools, and other facilities.

Currently, all foreigners are banned from entering the Czech Republic with the exception of foreigners staying temporarily over 90 days or persons with permanent residence in the Czech Republic. Czech citizens and foreigners staying temporarily over 90 days or persons with permanent residence in the Czech Republic are forbidden to leave the Czech Republic; this does not apply if there is an exemption from the imposed measure.

Czech citizens and foreigners staying temporarily over 90 days or persons with permanent residence in the Czech Republic are obliged to advise their physician and spend 14 days quarantined if returning from risk areas.

Czech embassies and consulates stopped receiving applications for short-term visa, temporary and permanent residence. All proceedings in the case of short-term visa applications which have not been decided yet and all proceedings on applications for residence permits over 90 days lodged at the embassies and consulates have been stopped.

Free movement of people is banned in the Czech Republic with the exception of  travel to work, medical establishments, family and other necessary travels.

People are obliged to wear a respiratory protective device that covers mouth and nose, e.g. a respirator, mask, scarf or other piece, preventing the spread of droplets when being outside of the place of their residence.

Controls at the borders with Germany and Austria and the air border were reintroduced. Borders with Slovakia and Poland have been closed by the decision of their respective governments. Crossing borders is possible only at eleven designated border crossings with Austria and Germany and Prague Airport.

All theatre, musical, film and other performances are prohibited, as well as sports, cultural, religious, community, dance, traditional and similar gatherings, exhibitions, festivals, shows, tastings, fairs, educational events, both public and private, with the participation of above thirty persons at the same time.

Public presence is prohibited at some service providers: fitness centres, swimming pools, saunas and other wellness services, music and social clubs, entertainment establishments, public libraries and galleries, tourism information centres. Gambling facilities are banned.

Maximum 30 persons can be present at one time at sports facilities outdoor and indoor.

Retail sales at markets and fairs are banned. Retail sales and services are prohibited with the exception of groceries, information and communication equipment, audio and video receivers, consumer electronics, home appliances, fuel, toiletries, cosmetics, pharmacies, pet shops, pet food, opticians, newspapers and magazines, tobacco products, laundries, internet sales.

All persons are banned from being at retail shops of groceries, sanitary items, toiletries, cosmetics, and pharmacies between 10 and 12 a.m.; this does not apply to persons older than 65 years, owners and employees of the stores.

From 14 March to 24 March presence of public at restaurants is forbidden. Takeaway sales are permitted. Food courts at shopping malls are closed.

Presence of students at schools and other educational institutions of all types and levels and collective forms of education and tests are forbidden.

All providers of international road transport by vehicles of capacity above 9 persons are prohibited from transporting passengers across the borders of the Czech Republic. The same restriction apples to international rail and water transport.

Václav Havel International Airport of Prague is the only airport permitted to be used for international passenger air transport.