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The Czech.global project connects Czech compatriots worldwide

Beyond the borders of the Czech Republic live two and a half million people who, when asked: "Who are you?", answer, "I am Czech" or "I am of Czech origin". Among them are descendants of the first immigrants, emigrants from the communist era, but also scientists, students or entrepreneurs who decided to settle and succeed abroad. They are now connected by the new Czech.global network.

The goal of the Czech.global project is to build an open platform connecting all Czechs, descendants of Czechs and friends of the Czech Republic anywhere in the world to get to know and help each other, and above all stay in touch with Czechia. In a membership section, registered members will find exclusive content, interesting articles and attractive events taking place all around the world. Become a member at the Czech.global website: create a profile, join the worldwide Czech community and walk into a spotlight of events!