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Transition Promotion Program in Ukraine: NEW CALL for project proposals 2022

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ukraine regrets to inform that due to unforesseable circumstances, the original call for projects proposals in the framework of Transition Promotion Program published in January 2022 was cancelled.

Instead of the previous call, we now open a call for small grants proposals (up to 500 000 CZK). The submitted proposals will be evaluated on a rolling basis until the financial capacity is reached.

Who can apply for the grant:

   - Independent media and organizations which support independent media

   - Organizations which deal with human rights protection

Applicant should be a legal entity officially registered in Ukraine.

Applications should be submitted electronically to in copy to on official identification form by 10 April 2022 (23:00 Kyiv time).


Identification Form 51 KB XLS (Excel tabulka) 28.3.2022