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The genesis of establishing diplomatic relations

First contacts and later staffing of the Embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

Beginning of contacts

The independence of the Federation of Malaysia was declared on August 31, 1957 within the British Commonwealth. On this occasion, on September 2, 1957, the Prime Minister of the Czechoslovak Republic, Viliam Široký, sent a congratulatory telegram to the Prime Minister of the Federation of Malaysia, Tunk Abdul Rahman.


Unsuccessful initiative

Shortly afterwards, the Czechoslovak party initiated negotiations to establish diplomatic relations with Malaysia through its then embassies in London, Tokyo, Jakarta and Delhi. However, this initiative has not been successfully completed.


Malaysia's strategy change

Malaysia overcame distrust of the socialist states in the late 1960s, when it established trade offices in some of these countries. At the same time Malaysia confirmed its interest in establishing diplomatic relations with Czechoslovakia. The Czechoslovak government agreed to establish diplomatic relations with Malaysia at the embassy level in May 1971.


Communication exchange

Negotiations with the Malaysian side were conducted through ambassadors of both countries, based in Moscow. A Czechoslovak note proposing a joint communiqué on the establishment of diplomatic relations was handed over to the Malaysian title on 18 June 1971. On 16 September 1971, the Malaysian ambassador to Moscow handed over a note to the Czechoslovak side stating that the Malaysian government agreed in principle to establish diplomatic relations, however the note proposed to slightly change the text of the joint communiqué. As the Malaysian note did not legally change the nature of the establishment of diplomatic relations, the official date of their establishment remains 16 September 1971.


Level of diplomatic relations

The level of diplomatic relations was determined by the award of an agrément on 17 September 1973 to Ambassador Jiří Pinkava, then based in Jakarta. The diplomatic representation of the Czechoslovakia in Malaysia was then realized through the Czechoslovak Embassy in Indonesia. Malaysia's interests in what was then Czechoslovakia were represented by the Malaysian ambassador based in Warsaw. Czechoslovak Embassy / Embassy / in Kuala Lumpur led by chargé d ‘affaires a.i. officially began operations on December 5, 1974.


Consolidation of representations

On January 1, 1993, Malaysia recognized the Czech Republic and confirmed the continuity of mutual relations. On January 5, 1998, the embassy in Kuala Lumpur became independent and since August 2000 it has been headed by the ambassador. On November 28, 2001, Malaysia opened its embassy in Prague at ambassadorial level.


Heads of the Embassy in Kuala Lumpur

Milan Hupcej, Ambassador 2019 -

Ing. Rudolf Hykl, MPP, Ambassador 2014 - 2018

PhDr. Jan Füry, Ambassador 2008 - 2013

Ing. Dana Huňátová, Ambassador 2004 - 2008

PhDr. Vítězslav Grepl, Ambassador 2000 - 2004

Ivan Hotek, CDA a.i. 1995 - 2000

Jaromír Deyl, CDA a.i. 1991 - 1994

Miroslav Jordán, CDA a.i. 1986 - 1991

Dr. Milan Koudelka, Ambassador / Jakarta / September 8, 1982

František Váca, CDA, a.i. Sep 17, 1980

Ing. František Bohatý, CDA a.i.

Dr. Milan Mácha, Ambassador / Jakarta / July 30, 1975


Establishing of diplomatic ties