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Photo: ©Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic
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We know what we have – EGO Zlín – Part 1

Do you know what disaster medicine solves? What is the purpose of the insulator? What does the handling of the biovac look like? You will find the answers in the 1st part of the #WeKnowWhatWeHave series, which will briefly introduce the company EGO Zlín, spol. s r.o. The series generally aims to support the Czech defense industry with the general public and subsequently its promotion abroad. Enjoy the first of nine videos, which gradually represent strategically important Czech manufacturers in the field of defense industry.

The Czech company EGO Zlín, Ltd. was founded in 1992 by the owner Mr. Pavel Kostka, who used his own many years of experience in the field of research and development of industrial materials. In a very short time, the company became the first manufacturer of vacuum immobilization devices in Central Europe and thanks to their high quality, these products found implementation even in very demanding conditions. Thanks to the feedback from end users, and based on their needs and requirements, the portfolio has expanded since the establishment of the company. Currently, the company's offer includes comprehensive biological protection system, logistics and decontamination systems, emergency medicine and long-term patient care.

In the field of disaster medicine, EGO Zlín focuses on research, development and implementation of specific projects that do reflect current needs of target customers. The company spends considerable funds on this issue. In order to get the maximum number of important comments and opinions for the most effective targeting of its research, it organizes or co-organizes international meetings, conferences, seminars and trainings in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.



The mission of the company is to take part in a constant increase of the population safety and the level of their protection. Current hectic time presents many forms of crisis that can fundamentally and seriously endanger human lives. Failure to manage these crises can also have significant economic and social impacts.

EGO Zlín is an expert with many years of experience, which the company uses in solving issues for customers. Thanks to its expertise and skills, the company provides reliable services and professional approach. The added value for the clients is provision of products developed by Czech know-how of a top quality, consulting and comprehensive solutions designed for specific needs.

EGO Zlín is a stable company with a long history, including above-standard relationships with business partners and end users around the world.

In terms of specifics of usability, there are complex products offered, however, their use is intuitive and very simple. The development of these products takes place in the field directly with experts and is aimed at their practical usability in real conditions. For the company, it is necessary to have its own development base for testing equipment.


We know what we have and we want you to know it too.