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Photo: www.army.cz
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We know what we have - ERA - Part 3

In the next part of the series on the capabilities of the Czech defense industry, Deputy Minister Tomáš Kopečný presents the Pardubice based company ERA. In the video, you will learn what the world-unique passive surveillance system Vera NG can do and how the development of this Czech technology took place.

There are more than a hundred thousand airliners in the air every day. Do you know why they won't collide? They are monitored by surveillance systems. Those from the Pardubice company ERA provide more than half of them.


However, ERA is unique because of the technology of passive surveillance systems: While conventional radar sends a signal that is detected to other devices, the Vera system does not send any signal and is therefore not visible. In addition, Vera determines from the received signal exactly who it is: it recognizes a specific plane, the name of the pilot and, in exaggeration, what he had for breakfast. The signal is for the operator as a fingerprint for a forensic scientist.


The development of this Czech technology began in the 1960s in Brno, and to this day it basically has no competition. ERA supplies its systems directly to NATO, but also to armies around the world.


Milan Dostal, Commercial and Economic Counsellor, Embassy of the Czech Republic in Kuala Lumpur