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Congratulatory message of the Ambassador

(This article expired 28.11.2020.)

The Czech Republic celebrates  the Independent Czechoslovak State Day, 102nd anniversary of creation of the independent state of Czechs and Slovaks in October 28th, 1918.

Dear Malaysians, dear Czechs and Slovaks living in Malaysia, vážení přátelé, vážení priatelia,

allow me to use this opportunity to greet you (at least from your screen) on the occasion of 102th anniversary of creation of the independent state for Czechs and Slovaks.

For those of you, who do not know or remember, the history of our independent country called Czechoslovakia, which later peacefully split to the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic, begun over a hundred years ago. The area of former Czechoslovakia had been a part of the Austro Hungarian Empire until the Empire collapsed at the end of the first world war. The Czech speaking areas of Bohemia and Moravia had been under Austrian rule while Slovakia was part of Hungary. Before the First World War, there had been nationalist movements in both the Czech lands and Slovakia. Despite the Czech area being an industrialised region and Slovakia being a mainly agricultural-based country, the two regions took the opportunity to become a new nation. "Czechoslovak" independence was proclaimed in Prague's Wenceslas Square on October 28th 1918. The president of the "First Republic" was Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, who was the leader of the nationalist movement outside the Austro Hungarian Empire.

In the first twenty years of its existence, Czechoslovakia experienced unprecedented economic development, which ranked it among the ten most economically advanced countries in the world. Czechoslovak trading companies have expanded into the world, including the later shoe giant Baťa, which has been operating in Malaysia ever since. However, this positive trend was ended by the Second World War and the subsequent division of Europe.

New development has begun after 1989. My country is now a member of the European Union and NATO and develops strong and friendly ties with its close and far neighbours alike. Despite current unfortunate situation caused by Covid-19 infection, we are still standing proud and ready to safeguard our nation, ideals of peace and democracy of T. G. Masaryk and to cooperate with all countries. 

Malaysia is one of the Czech Republic's most important trading partners in ASEAN. Next year we will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of mutual diplomatic relations, which will undoubtedly be another impetus for the development of mutual relations.

Všem Čechům, Moravanům, Slezanům a též i bratrům Slovákům bych rád v tento sváteční den popřál především hodně zdraví, pevnou víru ve vítězství nad všemi chorobami a jinými protivenstvími a vyjádřil své přesvědčení, že v příštím roce budeme moci tento svátek oslavit již společně.

I would like now to invite you to raise your (virtual) glasses to join me in a toast:

- to the prosperity of the Czech Republic, health and welfare of its people;

- to the prosperity of Malaysia, health and welfare of its people;

- and to the continued friendship between the people of the Czech Republic and that of  Malaysia.


All the best, všechno nejlepší, všetko najlepšie,


H.E. Milan Hupcej


Milan Hupcej, Ambassador


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