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Happy 30th Birthday Visegrad Group

On 15 February 1991 presidents of former Czechoslovakia, Hungary a Poland met in the Hungarian castle town of Visegrád and established an alliance to advance mutual co-operation in military, cultural, economic and energy matters and to further their integration to the EU.

Visegrád was chosen as the location for this meeting as an intentional allusion to the medieval Congress of Visegrád in 1335 between John I of Bohemia, Charles I of Hungary and Casimir III of Poland. 

After the dissolution of Czechoslovakia in 1993, the Czech Republic and Slovakia became independent members of the group, thus increasing the number of members from three to four.  The group is called Visegrad four or V4 since then. All four members of the Visegrád Group joined NATO and the European Union.

Thirty years later, to commemorate this  anniversary, Ambassadors of V4 accredited to Malaysia met virtually for a common interview on the Radio Bernama. You can listen to their conversation about history, present challenges and the future of V4 countries and their relations with Malaysia.

Happy 30th Birthday V4!