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Photo: Archives of the Embassy
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The Celebrations of the Czech National Day in Ljubljana

On the occasion of the Czech Independence Day the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ljubljana hosted on October 23, 2019 the state reception. The ceremony was attended by a number of honourable guests. Upon the invitation of the Ambassador J. Chmiel the official part featured the Guard of Honour of the Czech Armed Forces and the Olomouc Garrison Military Orchestra.

The celebrations of the Czech statehood and the establishment of the independent Czechoslovak state took place in Švicarija, the cultural centre located in the Tivoli park in Ljubljana.

The Guard of Hounour of the Czech Armed Forces opened the ceremonial part of the reception by marching with the flag of the Czech Republic into the premises of Švicarija, accompanied by the Olomouc Garrison Orchestra playing the Coronation Intrada by J. I. Linek. Afterwards, the Czech state anthem, the Slovenian anthem Zdravljica, the EU anthem and the NATO anthem were played. Later on, the Olomouc Garrison played selected pieces of musice during the evening.

In his speech the Ambassador Chmiel appreciated the very good Czech-Slovenian relations at the political, economic, cultural and regional level. He remembered the uneasy history of the Czech state which has after the year 1989  in spite of the tough historical exprience re-joined the democratic states which are full members of the Euro-Atlantic structures and support the values of democracy, economic prosperity with the focus on the sustainable development, peace-making and the combat against terrorism.

Furthermore, the Ambassador Chmiel talked about the split of Czechoslovakia, which he marked as highly cultivated, and highlited the ongoing friendly relationships between the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.

The state reception took place also thanks to the sponsorship of a number of sponsors. Radenska, Škoda and Budweiser Budvar belong among the traditional partners of the Czech Embassy and considerably suported this year reception. Škoda, among other, lended to the Czech Embassy three demonstration cars. Škoda Superb and Škoda Kodiaq operated as shuttle in Tivoli park, therefore the invited guests had a unique chance to experience a drive in these cars. Škoda Kamiq was then shown at the entrace to Švicarija.

The Czech reception was further sponsored by GLOMEX Military Supplies specialising in security technologies, which demonstrated some of its products during the reception, and the company Česká zbrojovka.

The brewery Pivovar Zlosin from Velké Losiny provided the draught beer and a variety of special beers. Czech reception was also supported, for the first time, by Cacao; one of its branches operates also in Prague.

The event was attended by a number of important guests from the political, economic, cultural and diplomatic circles as well as the Czech citizens living in Slovenia. The invitation accepted also Petr Jožef Čestnik, the minister responsible for Relations between the Republic of Slovenia and the Autochthonous Slovenian National Community in Neighbouring Countries and between the Republic of Slovenia and Slovenians Abroad. The reception was attended by roughly 200 guests who appreciated above all the original celebration of the Czech National Day.