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Photo: Archiv ZÚ Lublaň
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Czech mountain hut celebrated its 120th anniversary

In 2020 the Czech mountain hut located in Slovenia celebrated its 120th anniversary. This mountain hut, named after the Czech alpinists who co-founded it 120 years ago, is one of the most striking achievements of the Czech-Slovenian cooperation. The original Slovenian name is “Češka koča”. In Czech it is called “Česká chata”.  

The Czech mountain hut is located in Kamnik–Savinja Alps, in the north of Slovenia, at an altitude of 1542 m. It offers beautiful views of the local most important peaks (with the highest mountain Grintovec) as well as of the picturesque valley Ravenska Kočna, the popular tourist area in the Jezerska region.  

Češka koča was founded by Czech alpinists who started their cooperation with Slovenian counterparts during the Austro-Hungarian times. The Czech alpinists used to associate within the Czech branch of the Slovenian Mountain Association (Slovensko planinarsko društvo). The festive opening of the Czech mountain hut in the Kamnik–Savinja Alps is a tangible result of fruitful Czech-Slovenian cooperation and is the proof of good relations between Czech and Slovenian climbers of that time. Češka koča was officially opened on July 26, 1900.

The Czech mountain hut does not remind of Czech culture only by its name. It features a number of architectural elements typical of Czech folk architecture. The Czech hut has been repaired several times, however, the repairs did not significantly interfere with the original concept. Most of the external and internal elements have been preserved to this day.

The Czech mountain hut is accessible via hiking trails. The hike from Jezerska region takes approximately 1.5 up to 2 hours. The experienced climbers may also take the via ferrata trail.