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Czech professor of engineering Alois Král in Slovenia

Prof. Alois Král (December 1, 1884 - April 23, 1969) is an important and very successful Czech personality who left a rich legacy in Slovenia in the field of technology and construction. This Czech civil engineer built his career gradually from a professor and a dean to the rector's position at the University of Ljubljana.

During his studies at the Czech Technical University in Brno, A. Král worked in Ljubljana, where he held the position of construction intern of the State Construction Service. However, most of his professional life abroad is inseparably linked with the University of Ljubljana.

Alois Král was appointed an extraordinary professor at the Technical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana in 1920 and a first-level lecturer at the same faculty in 1922. He later became dean and held this position repeatedly in 1924–1925, 1931–1933 and 1944–1945.

Within the Institute of Technical Mechanics, he also advocated the development of a laboratory for testing materials and structures, where he conducted several hundred researches. In 1956 he was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Ljubljana for his contribution.

The culmination of his academic career at the University of Ljubljana was his election as rector in 1945. The nomination of A. Král was allegedly also supported by the Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik, who became famous, among other things, for a number of architectural projects in Prague. A. Král thus became the first foreign rector of the University of Ljubljana. However, he resigned after the first year. The reason was the call of the Czechoslovakian government for the return of Czech and Slovak emigrants to their homeland.

A. Král was an important engineering expert of his time who participated in the design of a number of buildings throughout present-day Slovenia; from industrial buildings (textile factories, paper mills, tanneries, etc.), through bridge structures to hydroelectric power plants and other works in the field of water management. A. Král became known to the Slovenian public, thanks to the construction of the St. James's Bridge across the Ljubljanica River in Ljubljana.

During the Second World War, prof. Král was also an active member of the resistance organization "Osvobodilna fronta" in Yugoslavia. After his return to Czechoslovakia in 1946, he worked as a professor at the Czech Technical University in Brno.


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Czech professor of engineering Alois Král in Slovenia