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Czech traces in Slovenia

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ljubljana actively searches for the legacy of the Czech citizens who in the past used to work in the territory of today´s Slovenia.

The purpose of this section is to commemorate the famous Czech persons who used to live and work in Slovenia and who, thanks to their artistic, scientific, or other legacy, became known in the Slovenian society (and not only there). The Czech Embassy in Ljubljana will be gradually publishing portraits of the selected Czech compatriots with the aim to show that their achievements are still alive.

The Czech Embassy in Ljubljana hereby asks the broad public to share with us any further information, comments or suggestions about the Czechs living in Slovenia in the past who might be included in this section.

Please send your suggestions to the email veronika_benesova@mzv.cz or tell them to us via phone number +386 1 420 24 64.

Jan Vladimír Hráský, Czech engineer, constructor and hydrologist, significantly influenced the urban development of Ljubljana at the end of the 19th century


Jan Vladimír Hráský was a Czech civil engineer, hydrologist, balneologist, politician and university professor of engineering, water supply and urban drainage at the Imperial and Royal Czech Technical University in Prague, where he also held the… more ►

Josip Pelikan (1885-1977), Slovenian photographer of Czech origin and legend of photography in the town of Celje


Josip Pelikan is one of the prominent figures in Slovenian photography. Excellent knowledge of photography and its laws ranked Pelikan among the best Yugoslav professional photographers of his time. For sixty-seven years, he masterfully captured… more ►

Czech professor of engineering Alois Král in Slovenia


Prof. Alois Král (December 1, 1884 - April 23, 1969) is an important and very successful Czech personality who left a rich legacy in Slovenia in the field of technology and construction. This Czech civil engineer built his career gradually from… more ►

Czech mountain hut celebrated its 120th anniversary


In 2020 the Czech mountain hut located in Slovenia celebrated its 120th anniversary. This mountain hut, named after the Czech alpinists who co-founded it 120 years ago, is one of the most striking achievements of the Czech-Slovenian cooperation.… more ►