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Photo: Archives of the Czech Embassy in Ljubjana
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Ambassador J. Chmiel handed over the awards for 47th International Children's Exhibition of Fine Arts LIDICE 2019

The Ambassador Juraj Chmiel personally visited the winning Slovenian schools and presented the awards given at the 47th International Children's Exhibition of Fine Arts LIDICE 2019.

Slovenian schools are among the regular and very successful participants in the LIDICE competition. At the 47th Awards, Slovenian pupils and two schools received a total of 31 awards, which makes Slovenia the sixth most successful country among 70 participating countries in year 2019.

In November 2019, the Ambassador Chmiel presented four honorable mentions in the Elementary school Dr. Aleš Bebler - Primož in Ankaran.

In January 2020 he attended five other elementary schools. At the Elementary school Dutovlje the Ambassador awarded Taj Kosmač with the medal for photographs of chemical experiment and presented honorable mention to another competitor. Elementary school Miran Jarec in Črnomelj received a medal for a collection of graphics and five honorable mentions for individual pupils. In the Elementary school Istrskega odreda in Gračišče and the Elementary school Livada in Velenje, the pupils received two honorable mentions. In the Elementary school Franje Goloba in Prevalje the Ambassador presented one honorable mention.

In March 2020, the Ambassador J. Chmiel visited three elementary schools in the Prekmurje region. In Elementary school Kuzma two pupils were awarded a honorable mention and in Elementary school Cankova one pupil received a honorable mention. Elementary School Sveti Jurij received a medal for a collection of graphics, one medal was given to student Hana Husar and seven honorable mentions were given to other pupils, which made this school the most successful Slovenian school of the 47th LIDICE art exhibition.

The awards ceremonies took place at the individual schools in the presence of school representatives, pupils and mayors invited by the Ambassador J. Chmielt to take part in the event. The award ceremony was accompanied by a cultural program prepared by pupils. The Ambassador's personal visit was appreciated not only by the teachers but also by the pupils who had a unique opportunity to meet the Czech Ambassador.

In his speeches, the Ambassador Chmiel especially valued the interest of teachers and their pupils in the respectable LIDICE competition and in the legacy of the victims of Lidice village during World War II. He called for participation in the next year, while many schools confirmed that the preparations for the next year had been underway.

Each winner of Lidice competition received a small gift from the Czech Embassy in Ljubljana commemorating the Czech Republic and Czech culture. Thanks to the support of the Slovenian representative of ŠKODA each award-winning pupil also received a ŠKODA model.

During his visit to the Elementary school Dutovlje on 27 January 2020, the Ambassador Chmiel commemorated the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Some schools mentioned the Ambassador's visit and the presentation of the LIDICE award on their website: Elementary School Mirana Jarca in Črnomelj, Elementary School Dutovlje , Elementary School Franja Goloba in Prevalje, Elementary School Livada in Velenje,  Elementary School Istrskega Odreda Gračišče and Elementary School Sveti Jurij in Rogašovci.

Slovenian media SI24 and Naš čas reported on the events at the Livada Elementary School in Velenje. Report on the award ceremony at elementary school Dr. Aleš Bebler - Primož in Ankaran was published on the web portal ekopercapodistria.si.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the date for handing over the LIDICE award at Elementary School Danila Lokarja in Ajdovščina has been postponed. As soon as the measures introduced in connection with the ongoing pandemic are released and the pupils return to schools, the Ambassador Chmiel will visit the Elementary School Danila Lokarja and personally hand over the awarded honorable mentions.


LIDICE 2019 Handover ceremony