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Anniversary of Jan Amos Comenius, Czech Philosopher, Writer and Pedagogue

On the 28th March 2021 we have remebered the anniversary of Jan Amos Comenius, notable Czech philosopher, writer and pedagogue, who has inspired with his remarkable life and work the whole generations of thinkers  and became one of the greatest Czech figures throughout history.

Jan Amos Comenius was born in 28th March 1592 and worked as a pedagogue, rector of schools, preacher and later Bishop of the Unitas Fratrum (eng. Moravian Church). He was also philosopher, theologician and writer, who had been delivering lectures among the most respected European Universities. In his work, we may find a comprehensive collection of thoughts from a large variety of fields. He combined his theological wisdom and knowledge of Christ, church and the relationship between God and man with the original philosophy on morality, war and peace as well as patriotism and humanism. Already in the 17th century Comenius has foretold the democratic unity of European rulers on the basis of common values and greater good. Besides his deep theoretical knowledge, he devoted himself also to the practical diplomacy during the Thirty Years War.

Maybe the most famous is his pedagogical and didactical teaching, where he introduced his proposals for reform in schooling and made famous the term “Schola ludus” based on progressive methods, which are being used until today. In the field of linguistics he devoted himself to Latin and Czech. He elaborated the grammar book of Latin and worked on comprehensive Czech Vocabulary, which has not survived to this day. Comenius did not only write the philosophical and scholar texts, but also spiritual songs.

Jan Amos Comenius is well known also in Slovenia, where the streets in various cities including Ljubljana, Maribor or Kranj bear his name.

In the Czech Republic on the occassion of the anniversaries of Comenius’s birth and death the „National celebrations of Jan Amos Comenius’ anniversaries“ are being held in 2020 – 2022. The Czech Television in co-production with Vistafilm has screened the movie about the life of Jan Amos Comenius titled „Jako letní sníh (As a summer snow)“.