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Photo: Archives of the Czech Embassy/ Children´s choir Blecha from Postoloprty
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Invitation to the Christmas/New Year´s on-line concert

The Czech Embassy in Ljubljana is pleased to invite you on behalf of the Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Slovenia, Mr. Juraj Chmiel to a wonderful online Christmas/New Year´s concert by the Czech composer Daniel Dobiáš, presenting together with a large variety of other performers the Czech Christmas carols and Sonnets by William Shakespeare. 

On this occasion, we would like to thank everyone for their valuable cooperation with the Czech Embassy and we wish you merry Christmas and good health, happiness, prosperity and well-being with firm belief that next year we will be able to invite you again to our traditional live concert.
Stay safe.

You can enjoy the concert enclosed below.





The first song will be Christmas Scents, sung by actress Lenka Kořenková and drummer Vítězslav Vávra. 

1. Christmas Scents / lyrics: Jan Krůta - music: Daniel Dobiáš / vocals: Lenka Kořenkova and Vítězslav Vávra 

Second song, Sonnet 30. by W. Shakespeare, is sung by the American actress Jessica Boone, who lives in Prague and is a member of the Prague Shakespeare Company. 

2. Sonnet 30. / lyrics: W. Shakespeare -music: Daniel Dobiáš / vocal: Jessica Boone / USA / played by the Daniel Dobiáš group. 

Sunny Stirská will perform the third Christmas song for which Jiří Suchý wrote the text. 

3. Hundred and Twenty Thousand Snowflakes / lyrics: Jiří Suchý - music: Daniel Dobiáš /vocal Sunny Stirská 

Next song is Sonnet 18. by W. Shakespeara sung by Jessica Boone from the USA and followed by the famous Juliet's monologue from the drama Romeo and Juliet. Opening speech by Professor Martin Hilský, Juliet is sung by Barbora Mošnová from the Fidlovačka Theatre. 

4. Sonnet 18. / lyrics: W. Shakespeare - music: D.Dobiáš / vocal: Jessica Boone -piano: D.Dobiáš 

5. Juliet's monologue / lyrics: W. Shakespeare - music: D.Dobiáš / vocal: Barbora Mošnová - piano: D.Dobiáš 

The last song is Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi, performed by Táňa Fischerová and Daniel Dobiáš, who also plays the organ 

6. Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi / lyrics: Saint Francis of Assisi - music: D.Dobiáš / vocal: Táňa Fischerová and Daniel Dobiáš - organ D.Dobiáš 



Important part of Christmas is meeting with your loved ones and singing together. Therefore, we also present some of the most famous Czech carols and Christmas songs. 

Vocals: Children choir “Blechy (Fleas)” / Piano: D. Dobiáš

Traditional song, belonging to the old Czech Christmas carols from the 17th century 

1. Štědrej večer nastal (Christmas Eve has come) 

Following song is considered to be the most popular Czech carol and it is sung regularly today at the end of Catholic Mass and other Christian worship services in the Czech Republic during Christmas time. Some historians date it back to the 13th century, while others believe it is originally a Hussite hymn from the first decades of the 15th century 

2. Narodil se Kristus Pán (Christ Was Born) 

One of the most traditional Christmas carols sung during Christmas Eve in most of the Czech, Moravian and Silesian households, celebrating the news about the birth of the Saviour. 

3. Nesem vám noviny (We bring you the news) 



Traditional Czech song that Czechs usually sing on Christmas Day. 

Vánoce jsou ve dveřích (Christmas is just around the corner) / Lyrics: Jan Vodňanský - music: D.Dobiáš / Vocals: Jessica Boone -piano: D.Dobiáš


Concert Daniel Dobiáš (MP3, 27 MB) Length: 28.25


PF 2021

PF 2021