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Photo: Archive of the Embassy
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Conference and exhibition on the life and work of Jan Amos Comenius in Nova Gorica

On 3 October 2022, the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ljubljana, together with the municipality of Nova Gorica, organised a conference on the life and work of one of the most famous Czechs, J. A. Comenius, who was unable to work in his own country for a long time because of his faith.  The conference was followed by the opening of the exhibition "The Legacy of J. A. Comenius to the World" in the hall of the Nova Gorica Municipality.

After the welcoming speech by the Mayor of Nová Gorica, Klemen Miklavič, the Ambassador of the Czech Republic, Juraj Chmiel, gave an introductory speech as a representative of the country from which J. A. Comenius originated. In his speech, he informed the audience about his time in the Bohemia, where he was persecuted for his faith and eventually fled the country in the hope that he would soon return, but never did.

Then the ambassadors continued with their speeches, in the order in which Comenius lived and worked.  After a speech by the Dutch Ambassador Johan Verboom, as the representative of the country where J. A. Comenius died, Slovenian experts on Comenius, Professors Zdenek Medveš and Tadej Vidmar from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ljubljana, presented the influence of his work on Slovenian pedagogy.

After the conference, the audience, which included, among others, teachers and school principals from the Primorska region, as well as the representatives of the diplomatic corps, moved to the Main Hall of the Municipal Office in Nova Gorica, where they saw 18 panels of the exhibition on the life and work of J. A. Comenius, who is considered the founder of modern pedagogy and the main protagonist of educational reforms against outdated scholastic pedagogy.

Many of his ideas on education are still valid today, earning him the nickname "Teacher of Nations". This is the second time this exhibition has been staged in Slovenia, after being on display at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ljubljana in March and April 2022. The author of the exhibition is Markéta Pánková, Director of the J. A. Comenius National Pedagogical Museum and Library.

The exhibition is open until 26 October 2022.


Conference and exhibition on the life and work of Jan Amos Comenius in Nova Gorica