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Literary evening with Czech writer Ivana Myšková

On October 10 2019, Ambassador J. Chmiel attended literary evening with Czech writer and radio journalist Ivana Myšková.  She introduced her new short story book entitled “White Animals Are Very Often Deaf” to the Slovenian public. For this collection of short stories  I. Myšková received a nomination for the “Letter for Prose” in 2018.


After the opening of the literary evening “Trubarjeva hiša literature” in Ljubljana, the Ambassador J. Chmiel thanked I. Myšková for her guest appearance and representation of the Czech literary scene in Slovenia. He acknowledged the efforts and achievements of the Slovenian translator Tatjana Jamnik, who was involved in translating the book into Slovenian, and congratulated her on receiving the prestigious Sovret prize awarded by the Slovenian Association of Literary Translators. T. Jamnik is one of the leading Slovenian translators and she actively participates in the development of Czech-Slovenian cultural relations not only through translation, but also through publishing and organizing a number of events promoting Czech culture, Czech literature and Czech language.

During a discussion moderated by dr. Jana Šnytová from the Department of Slavistic, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, I. Myšková introduced her short stories collection to the audience and explained the fates of her characters, which she describes in detail in the critical moments of their lives and lets readers know their weaknesses and strengths. Part of the literary evening was also reading by I. Myšková in the Czech language, followed by reading from the Slovenian translation by T. Jamnik.

I. Myšková's visit in Slovenia was organized by the Cultural and Artistic Association Police Dubove in cooperation with the Department of Slavistics, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana and was also supported by the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ljubljana. During her stay, I. Myšková also presented the book in several other Slovenian cities and lectured at the University of Ljubljana about her experience with radio literary programs gained during her work at the Czech Republic's Vltava radio station.

In 2019 the book was translated into Slovenian and published in Slovenia by the Cultural and Artistic Association Police Dubove.


Literary evening with Czech writer Ivana Myšková