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Memorial Event in the Honor of the Czech Film Director František Xaverský Čáp

This year we commemorate fifty years since the death of the Czech-Slovenian film director František Xaverský Čáp. This Czech director lived and worked in the Slovenian cities of Piran and Portorož. The memorial ceremony took place on Sunday, October 30, 2022, at the cemetery in Piran, where Mr. František Xaverský Čáp is buried.

As part of the Slovenian Film Festival in Portorož, which took place from October 25 till October 30, 2022, we commemorated the 50th anniversary of the death of Czech director František Čáp, who spent part of his life in Slovenia. At the invitation of Slovenian filmmakers, he left a significant mark in Slovenian filmography. Slovenian audience consider him as a “Slovenian” director.

The Slovenian Film Festival in Portorož is a cultural event that brings together filmmakers, the professional public, business partners and film lovers. It is an annual meeting where new feature movies, documentary, animated, experimental, feature-length, medium-length and short films are presented. The festival ends with a “Vesna” award ceremony. Vesna symbolizes the popularity of the heroine of the legendary Slovenian film of the same name by director František Čáp from 1955. Today, the Czech director is one of the pillars of Slovenian film history and a shining example of European cultural cohesion and the openness of Slovenian filmmaking.

In honor of František Čáp, special events, focused on his life and work, were organized as part of the festival. Among them was a commemorative ceremony, in which Slovenian filmmakers honored the memory of the great Slovenian cinematographer by placing a wreath on Čáp's grave. The commemorative event was attended by a large number of people, including representatives of the film public and representatives of the local communities of Piran and Portorož. Among the participants were also Mr. Juraj Chmiel, Ambassador of the Czech Republic, and Mr. Đenio Zadković, Mayor of Piran. In his short speech, Ambassador Chmiel mentioned not only František Čáp and his work, but also the close ties that exist between the two countries, not only in the field of cinematography, but also in other areas of cultural life. After the closing ceremony, camera operator Radovan Čok guided the guests along the future film tourist trail, which the festival organizers together with the local community plan to open soon. The trail will connect places in Piran, where Čáp and other Slovenian films were filmed.


Memorial Event in the Honor of the Czech Film Director František Xaverský Čáp