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From 1st January 2021 starts the Electronic Vignettes System in the Czech Republic

From 1st January 2021 will be the electronic vignettes available only in electronic form. Their online sale has already started. The prices remain the same.

The Czech Republic introduces from 1st January 2021 the system of electronic vignettes. The one-year vignette is valid for 365 days, can be purchased at any time during the year and the beginning of the validity could be adjusted by the buyer. It is possible to buy the vignette already now online via the website edalnice.cz with validity for 10, 30 or 365 days. The prices in 2021 remain the same as in 2020 - 1500 CZK for 365 days, 440 CZK for 30 days and 310 CZK for 10 days. The Ministry of Transportation of the Czech Republic informs that "Similarly to this year, vehicles powered by electricity, hydrogen or in combination with another fuel (CO2 emissions up to 50 g/km) will be exempt from the fee. The same exemption applies to persons owning a special disability card without a need to notify this exemption." A reduced tariff is also valid for vehicles powered by natural gas or bio methane. Electronic vignettes could be bought also at the Czech post offices, several gas stations and several special self-service kiosks - more information here. Current paper vignettes remain valid until the end of 2020, one-year paper vignettes are valid until the end of January 2021.