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Czech Republic in NATO

The Czech Republic became a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) on 12 March 1999. With its membership, the Czech Republic acquired collective defence guarantees in accordance with Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty and, at the same time, undertook to participate in the defence of its Allies as well as to enhance its defence capabilities. The Czech Republic thus achieved one of its top strategic foreign policy goals that was publicly declared as a priority already for Czechoslovakia in 1992.

Since its accession the Czech Republic has been taking part in the work of different NATO bodies. The Permanent Delegation of the Czech Republic to NATO, lead by an Ambassador-Permanent Representative to the North Atlantic Council, represents the Czech Republic's interests in NATO on a day-to-day basis.

Membership to NATO determines Czech Republic's security policy in a decisive manner. Taking part in decision making that influence the security situation in the entire Euro-Atlantic area means assuming full responsibility for these decisions and readiness to carry them out. The Czech Republic, for instance, has taken part in safeguarding security and stability in South-East Europe (NATO KFOR mission in Kosovo and EU ALTHEA operation in Bosnia-Herzegovina), in stabilizing Iraq (NATO Training Mission in Iraq), and in stabilizing and fighting against terrorism in Afghanistan (NATO ISAF operation).

In November 2002, Prague successfully hosted a historic NATO summit that determined the Alliance's direction for years to come.

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