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Photo: Matej Slávik
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CZEXPATS Interview: Eva Jiřičná, architect and designer

Around 100,000 people of Czech citizenship or origin currently lives in the United Kingdom. Among them, we can find many important personalities, but also individuals with unique personal stories. We decided to introduce you the most interesting of them in our project “CZEXPATS Interviews”, this time with architect Eva Jiřičná.

How did the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia turn her life upside down? How did working as a hostess at the exhibition in Moscow lead her to love glass? And what is the most important thing to know for new coming architects? You will learn about all this in our interview with architect and designer Eva Jiřičná.

Eva Jiřičná is a Czech architect and designer, originally from Zlín. She studied architecture at the Czech Technical University in Prague and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague under Jaroslav Fragner. In August 1968, Jiřičná went on an internship to London, but the occupation of Czechoslovakia by the Warsaw Pact troops prevented her from returning to homeland. In London, she worked in the architecture department at Greater London Council, later in the studio of Louise de Soissons. She has been running her own office in London since 1987, today also with a branch in Prague. She is well-know for her collaboration with other famous Czech architect Jan Kaplický and became famous for her interiors of London and New York fashion boutiques. Her designs are mostly highly creative using glass and steel, which support her modern, elegant and clean style. She has been a member of the Royal Academy since 1997 and is also the holder of many recognitions and awards and honorary doctorates from universities around the world. She also received the Order of the British Empire for her work.