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Photo: Jana Jabůrková, Jiří Turek
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CZEXPATS Interview: John Mucha, chariman of Mucha Foundation

Around 100,000 people of Czech citizenship or origin currently lives in the United Kingdom. Among them, we can find many important personalities, but also individuals with unique personal stories. We decided to introduce you the most interesting of them in our project “CZEXPATS Interviews”, this time chairman of the Mucha Foundation John Mucha.

Why was the first public film projection in the world held in Alfons Mucha's apartment? In which country of the world is the work of Alfonso Mucha the most popular? And how did the Mucha surname affect his life? All this and more in our interview with John Mucha.

John Mucha is a former banker, curator of the Alfons Mucha exhibitions, founder of the Mucha Foundation and chairman of its board. He is the grandson of the painter Alfons Mucha and the son of the writer Jiří Mucha. He studied economics at Lancaster University, after finishing his studies he worked in London as an international banker. His father, Jiří Mucha, became the first to catalog a collection of Mucha's works for exhibitions from Paris to the United States. In 1992, together with his mother, Geraldine, he founded the Mucha Foundation, the aim of which is to preserve the legacy of Alfons Mucha, promote his work and make it available to a wide world public (mainly through exhibitions). For this purpose, the Mucha Foundation established a permanent Mucha Museum in Prague in 1998.