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Photo: Petr Torák
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CZEXPATS Interview: Petr Torák, director of COMPAS Charity

Around 100,000 people of Czech citizenship or origin currently lives in the United Kingdom. Among them, we can find many important personalities, but also individuals with unique personal stories. We decided to introduce you the most interesting of them in our project “CZEXPATS Interviews”, this time with director of COMPAS Charity Petr Torák. .

Does the United Kingdom offer Roma better conditions than the Czech Republic? For what did he receive the Order of the British Empire from the British Queen? And what is the benefit of the work of the Honorary Consul for the Czech community in Great Britain? You will find the answers to all these questions and many more in our interview with Petr Torák.

Petr Torák is a former police officer, director of the COMPAS Charity and today also the Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic in Peterborough. In 1999, he left the Czech Republic for the United Kingdom, where he sought asylum after a series of racially motivated attacks. He worked as a police officer in Peterborough from 2006 to 2017. He is intensively working with minorities and immigrant communities. In 2013, he co-founded the GTPsy Roma Traveler Police Association (GRTPA), which aims to support Roma and Traveler police officers. In 2010, he founded the charity COMPAS (Community Partnership Group), which serves to provide education and leisure activities for the Czech and Slovak community living in Peterborough. In October 2015, he received the Order of the British Empire for his activities and thus became the first Czech Roma to become a holder of this Order. In 2021 he became the Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic with jurisdiction over Peterborough and the surrounding area.