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Silver Medal of Jan Masaryk

In 2017 Ambassador Libor Sečka made the decision to honour selected personas across different fields of specialisation with the ‘Silver Medal of Jan Masaryk’ as a way to acknowledge their contributions to developing relations between Czechia and the United Kingdom. This is primarily the Ambassador’s initiative through which he is able to personally express his gratitude to those, thanks to whom the relations between the two countries reached such a high standard. The fact that many of the honoured persons are not known to the wider public does not mean that their contributions and achievements should be viewed as being of secondary importance. Instead, we see this as a sign of their modesty and humility that marks their general approach to their work.

List of honoured persons:

State reception 27. 9. 2017 – Residence of the Ambassador, Hampstead, London

Ms. Ludmila Stáně and Mr. Antonín Stáně (Directors of the Velehrad compatriot association in London)

Lady Milena Grenfell-Baines (patroness)

Mr. Karel Janovický (music composer)

Mr. William Nagel (patron and sponsor)

Mr. Ladislav Horňan (Chief of the Czech British Chamber of Commerce)

Ms. Eva Ross (honorary consul of the Czech Republic in Manchester)

Mr. Karel Jelínek (patron and sponsor)

Mr. Alexander Sádlo (painter)

Mr. Milan Mládek (honorary consul of the Czech Republic in Belfast)


State reception 27. 9. 2018 – Embassy of the Czech Republic in London

Mr. Miroslav Ambroz (curator and art historian)

Ms. Eva Jiřičná (architect)

Ms. Markéta Luskačová (photographer)

Mr. Jan Marek (professor of cardiology)

Mr. Marek Němec (important compatriot)

Mr. Richard Phillips MBE (theatre director)

Mr. Jan Telenský (patron and sponsor)

Sir John Tusa (historian and former Chief Representative of BBC)

Mr. Jonathan Watkins (Director of Ikon Gallery, Birmingham)

Mr. Jiří Zrůst (manager, Chairperson of the Czech section of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award)


State reception 27. 9. 2019 – Embassy of the Czech Republic in London

Mr. Mark Wheatley (financial worker and manager)

Mr. Tom Scholar (State Secretary at HM Treasury)

Mr. Matthew Stephenson (art consultant and curator)

Mr. Pavel Tvaroh (barman)

Mr. Jiří Zapletal and Ms. Kateřina Zapletalová (co-owners of Moser)

Mr. Jan Kováč (professor of cardiology)

Ms. Deborah Oakley (manager of ŠKODA UK)

Mr. Jonathan Hill (CEO of Xpression Events Company)

Mr. Lord Anderson of Swansea (member of the House of Lords)

Mr. Petr Čech (football player)

Ms. Karina Dostálová (financial worker and manager)

Mr. Pavel Buchler (artist)

Mr. Mark Hennebry (manager)


Velvet Dinner 5. 11. 2019 – Residence of the Ambassador, Hampstead, London

Mr. Jeremy Adler (emeritus professor at King's College London)

Ms. Catherine Audard (professor at the London School of Economics and Political Science)

Ms. Jana Barbora Burešová (author)

Mr. Mark Cornwall (professor at the University of Southampton)

Lord Alfred Dubs (member of the House of Lords)

Mr. Robert Evans (historian)

Mr. Paul Flather (Chief Secretary of the Europaeum Association)

Mr. Ivan Margolius (architect)

Mr. Alan Montefiore (emeritus professor at Balliol College, Oxford University)

Mr. Pavel Seifter (former Ambassador of the Czech Republic to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)

Ms. Susan E. Walton (financial and media consultant)


Summer Garden Party, 28. 7. 2021 – Embassy of the Czech Republic in London

Mr. Neil Bermel, Professor of Russian and Slavonic Studies at the University of Sheffield

Mr. Peter Cannon-Brookes, Art curator and publicist

Mr. Greg Hands, PM and Minister

 Ms. Claire Horton, Director General of the Commonwealth War

 Mr. Stanley Johnson, environmental and wildlife advocate

 Mr. Tomáš Kostečka, Chairman of Comenius Schools UK

 Ms. Sylva Šimsová, Librarian and historian

 Ms. Alena Telenská, Philanthropist

 Ms. Barbara Winton, founder of the Sir Nicholas Winton Memorial Trust


Individual ceremony, 30. 7. 2021 - Embassy of the Czech Republic in London

Greg Hands (Member of the Parliament, Minister of State for Trade Policy)


Individual ceremony, 8. 8. 2021 - Residence of the Ambassador, Hampstead, London

Tomáš Souček (West Ham United Footballer)

Vladimír Coufal (West Ham United Footballer)