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Available PPE Medical Products and Disposables from the Czech Republic

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in London is pleased to bring the following list of suppliers of medical products and disposables to the attention of government, hospital and medical authorities and professionals, medical device companies and, medical device and product suppliers and virtually anyone requiring disposable PPE products in the United Kingdom

The Czech Republic is host to a vast array of well known national and international MedTech device and medical disposable product manufacturers ranging from beds, heart devices, surgical instruments and, clothing to disposables such as medical face masks, wound dressings and surgical gowns among other products.

The companies and products below are just a snapshot of the range of medical device products and disposables manufactured and supplied from the Czech Republic to European and World Hospitals and Medical Professionals:

Protective Equipment and Clothing

Critical Care

  • Linet - Hospital general, ICU and care home beds and ancillary products
  • Mediatrade - Cardiac devices for pulse generation heart stimulation
  • Grade Medical - Stopbac fabric containing antimicrobial treatment for use in items such as medical face masks and wound dressings
  • Contipro - Specialist wound dressing products

Laboratory Equipment

  • Block - Clean Room Solutions
  • Delong Instruments - Electron Microsocpy
  • BMT - High-tech systems for heating and drying of materials
  • Profil - Laboratory equipment suitable for hospitals, blood laboratories and operations

Operating Theatres

  • Foma Medical - X Ray equipment and complex IT solutions including PACS
  • MEDIN - Traumatological implants and surgical instruments
  • MZ Liberec - Design, manufacture and installation of ceiling pendants, balanced spring arms and, medical beams

Field Hospitals and ICU Mobile Units

  • Ego Zlin - design and supply of logistic and medical complex modular tent units for crisis and field hospital situations
  • SMT - Electro surgical units
  • ProSpon - production of medical devices and replacements for orthopaedics, traumatology and, oncology.

Czech Mobile ICU Solution

  • Modern mobile ICU solutions can be prepared for all situations which are encountered by doctors and nurses in extremely demanding field conditions.

Should you require any other products made by Czech medical device producers please contact The Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Medical Devices at info@avdzp.cz.

If you have any questions about these products or if you are looking for something in particular or just wish to find relevant contacts please do not hesitate to email Mr. Karel Bartosik from the Economic Section of the Czech Embassy in London, karel_bartosik(@)mzv.cz

Karel Bartošík, Economic & Commercial Section at Embassy of the Czech Republic


Mobile Solutions Leaflet (PDF, 3 MB)

Field Hospitals Leaflet (PDF, 3 MB)

Laboratories Leaflets (PDF, 4 MB)

Operating Theatres Leaflet (PDF, 4 MB)

Protective Equipment Leaflet (PDF, 3 MB)

Critical Care Units Leaflet (PDF, 4 MB)