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Photo: Glassor
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Handmade Czech Christmas

Czech Christmas would be incomplete without glass baubles and decorations on the Christmas tree, a tradition that goes back centuries. And the tradition of making and painting them by hand remains alive and well in the Czech Republic. They are made in many places and among those are in Jablonec and Liberec, areas with a glassmaking tradition dating back to the 13th century. 

Czech Christmas baubles and decorations of classical and modern shapes are exported to countries all over the world, including to the USA and Britain. This year they will decorate the Christmas tree at the reception of the Czech Embassy in London, which will have as its theme “retro”. The decorations will look like mushrooms, gingerbread cookies and, teddy bears. 

Handmade glass Christmas decorations are also made by Slezska Tvorba, a Silesian Creation production cooperative in the town of Opava. For more than 70 years. their speciality has been blown balls of sizes up to 20 cm in a remarkable, more than, 13,500 decors. Another cooperative known for both their traditional and modern designs that ooze Christmas charm is, IRISA from the town of Vsetin. As one can see, the production of quality glass Christmas baubles and decorations has undoubtedly a long tradition within the Czech Republic. One of the reasons for this can be found in the motto of the Silesian Creation cooperative, "Without glass ornaments, Christmas does not have the right glitter."

The Embassy of the Czech Republic in London has already assisted Czech companies in finding potential business contacts in the United Kingdom for their Christmas decorations. Last year, for example, the Embassy provided an individual service to the DUV cooperative to find partners for their Christmas decorations. The company offers around 80,000 handmade products of various designs and shapes in up to 600 colour shades.

So if you are looking for quality Christmas ornaments this year and in the future look no future than quality Czech baubles and decorations which can be found in quality stores such as Harrods and certain e-shops.

We wish you a happy time decorating your tree. 

Czech hand-made Christmas decorations by Glassor

Czech hand-made Christmas decorations by Glassor