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Photo: Velvyslanectví ČR v Londýně
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The success of Czech company Freebike in the City of London

The British-Czech company, Freebike, won the tender to launch its fleet of electronic bikes in the City of London from mid June 2019.

Freebike, the smart, dockless electric bike sharing company, has deployed its fleet of 150 ‘pedal assist’ electric bikes in front of Guildhall in the City of London.

On the occasion of the launch of the bike Mr Ales Opartny, Head of the Economic and Commercial Section at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in London said ‘This Czech innovation will provide the United Kingdom with the ability to reach its set goals of lowering CO2 emissions and achieving better air quality’.

Freebike can be rented as both a pedal or an electric assist bike. The pedal mode is free for the  first 10 minutes or £1 for every 10 minutes in electric mode. An innovative system allows for fast easy rentals, dockless parking and, technology that includes a brake in the motor and enforceable geo-fencing. These unique smart bikes are designed and built in the Czech Republic.

The company has been operating its bike sharing systems across Europe since 2009. 

Freebike was selected by the City of London Corporation in May 2019 in a call to the market for a dockless bike sharing operator. This will be the first public fleet of Freebikes to launch in the UK. The company is in discussions with other London boroughs with plans to roll out across London in a responsibly manner and only with the express permission of the local authorities.

More information can be found on the Freebike website.

Freebike is the second Czech company to successfully launch its product to the UK market on the streets of the City of London. In 2018 mmcité 11 installed their modern design smart benches with USB connectivity in the heart of the financial centre of London at The Gherkin.  We wish both companies every success.