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Apostille - what is it and how to get it?

This article provides information on how to obtain an Apostille on UK issued eligible public documents for use in a foreign country.

The Apostille is an official government issued certificate added to documents so they will be recognised in when presented in another country.

The Apostille Certificate is issued by the state from which the document originates. Once a document has had an Apostille Certificate attached to it confirming the authenticity of signatures and seals it can be presented to any country which recognises the Apostille. The authority receiving the document should then accept the seals or signatures as true and valid without requesting further evidence or proof. 

You cannot get documents issued outside the UK legalised using this service - get them legalised in the country they were issued.

More information on what it costs to get the Apostille, how long it takes, and contact for the Legalisation Office in the UK, please visit https://www.gov.uk/get-document-legalised website.

Contact Information:

Legalisation Office
Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office
PO Box 7656
Milton Keynes
MK11 9NS
Telephone: 03700 00 22 44
Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

What does the Apostille certificate look like?