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Election results 2021 at Czech foreign offices in the United Kingdom

In total, 1,330 valid votes were cast at both foreign offices of the Czech Republic in the United Kingdom, most of all foreign destinations at all. The United Kingdom was followed by Germany with 1,294, Belgium with 1,057, and the United States with 536 valid votes, respectively.

A total of 1,163 voters participated in the elections to the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic in 2021 at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in London, casting 1,161 valid invalid votes. The number of valid votes was thus lower than in the presidential elections in 2018 (1,619, votes in the first round and 2,260 votes in the Czech Republic), but exceeded the parliamentary elections in 2013 (1,080 votes) and 2017 (1,056 votes).

The PirSTAN coalition won the vote in London (689 votes, 59.34%), followed by coalition Spolu (355 votes, 30.57%), the Green Party (29 votes, 2.49%), ANO 2011 (26 votes, 2.23%), SPD (18 votes, 1.55%), PŘÍSAHA (12 votes, 1.08%), ČSSD and VOLNÝ Blok (10 votes, 0.86%), TSS (8 votes, 0.68%) and Koruna Česká and Otevřeme ČR (2 votes, 0.17%).


Elections London Final


In 2021, for the first time, voters were able to cast their votes at the Consulate General in Manchester. A total of 170 voters cast their votes in Manchester, of which 169 were valid. The PirSTAN coalition won the most votes in Manchester (103 votes, 60.94 %%), followed by coalition Spolu (51 votes, 30.17%), the Green Party and ANO 2011 (3 votes each, 1.77%), PŘÍSAHA and TSS (each with 2 votes and 1.18%) and the ČSSD, the VOLNÝ Blok and Koruna Česká (1 vote, 1.56%).


Elections Manchester 2


Coalition PirSTAN won the overall voting in the United Kingdom (792 votes, 59.54%, followed by coalition Spolu (406 votes, 30.52%), the Green Party (32 votes, 2.4%), ANO 2011 (29 votes, 2.18%), SPD (20 votes, 1.18%), PŘÍSAHA (14 votes, 1.05%), ČSSD and VOLNÝ Blok (11 votes, 0.82%), TSS (10 votes, 0.75%) and Koruna Česká (3 votes, 0.22%) and Otevřeme ČR (2 votes, 0.15%).


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